Sunday, May 9, 2010

UDS Maverick: Call for Participation

The Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) is the event in which the Ubuntu community discusses and plans the upcoming Ubuntu release. UDS Maverick begins Monday, May 10 (tomorrow) in Brussels.

If you've not yet made plans to attend physically, then its unlikely that you'll be present in the rooms. However, the Canonical IS does an outstanding job of making remote participation possible. For more information, on how you can participate remotely, read the Remote Participation document. In short, you join an IRC channel, listen to a live high quality audio stream from the room, and can see edits to a live gobby document.

The comprehensive list of all sessions is available through the summit schedule, or a filtered list of only the Ubuntu Server sessions.

Below is short, self centered, list that you might find interesting. The Ubuntu Community would love to have your participation.

  • Running cloud images outside UEC or EC2 (Tuesday 11:00 UTC+1): The UEC images that we produce to run in EC2 or UEC are ready-to-go filesystem image of Ubuntu Server. It seems that these images might also serve a more general purpose as a live demo of ubuntu server, or a very convenient starting point for customizing your own. Here we'll discuss other ways these images could be used, and what would need to be done to make that possible.
  • Improvements for cloud-init (Tuesday, 09:00 UTC+1) : This session will cover ways in which the cloud images can be made more user friendly. If you've ever booted one of the Ubuntu images, or re-bundled one, I'd like to know what we could do to the images to make that easier.
  • Handling kernel upgrades in EC2 and UEC (Wednesday 11:00 UTC+1): When a user starts a UEC/EC2 instance, they specify they have the option of specifying the kernel/ramdisk to use with it or use the default associated with the instance. Afterwards, the instance has no ability to modify that initial selection. We'll discuss ways that we could improve the user experience by making that limitation more clear, or possibly providing ways to overcome it.
  • Improve cloud libraries in ubunt (Thursday, 10:00 UTC+1): Throughout the 10.04 release, we packaged some popular libraries for interaction with AWS. We'd like to continue that work in Maverick. If you have suggestions on libraries you use that are not present in Ubuntu, please let us know
  • Utilties for easier interaction with UEC or EC2 (Tuesday, 10:00 UTC+1): If you have ideas on utilities that would make your life using Ubuntu on EC2 or UEC easier, please attend this session and let us know.
  • server-maverick-conffiles-and-puppetThis should be an interesting session discussing how Ubuntu can improve the management of conffiles. Soren Hansen has sent an email with more information
  • Discussion on plans for vmbuilder (17:10 UTC+1): Many people have used vmbuilder to build virtual machine images. In this session we'll discuss where vmbuilder is and where it is going.

If you have input for any session, but are not able to attend in real time, feel free to send me input at smoser at sign ubuntu dot com, and I'll try to make sure it gets brought up.

Oh, and if you're reading this on Sunday, May 9, don't forget Mother's Day.

Update 2010-05-10: Added times for sessions and used the titles rather than blueprint names so you can find them on the schedule

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